Igneous System

Ig Build Pty Ltd (ABN 46 619 806 772) is a company whose interests lie in designing, research and developing buildings and structures suitable for locating in any disaster prone area worldwide.

Currently those products include the Igneous Building System and the IgPod.

Both products have patents published in Australia and various overseas countries. Copyright and IP vests with P.D. Faigen.


The IgPod is a refuge unit, or escape pod, for use in emergency situations

where natural or man-made disasters become catastrophic and immediate refuge is needed.

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*As shown at the Blue Mountains Bushfire Conference Nov. 2019

The IgPod is ideal for people such as firefighters, land owners, workers (miners) or other people when in distress, or when catastrophic events arise.

It is designed to:

  • be used as a bush fire shelter
  • float (with or without buoyancy floats) during a flood
  • and will be fitted with emergency equipment, including Air and Oxygen
  • sustain life for a medium period after the disaster passes
  • easily be deployed to the disaster site
  • be permanently located where there is potential for a disaster
  • accommodate 10 or 20 persons seated depending on the unit length
Typical mode of transporting the IgPod

In preparation for, or during, a catastrophic fire the IgPod/s can be deployed by means of mobile hoist, helicopter, trailer, utility with hi-ab or have been earlier located in the vicinity.


The IgPod is conceived to be deployed to any area where dangerous situations are developing so that persons who might be in danger can find immediate refuge while the danger is present. Dangers can be in the form of bush fires, flooding or high winds (cyclones) where immediate refuge is essential. The IgPod can be used to accommodate people for a short period before, during, or after the disaster. This is essential for firefighters who might be needed to monitor a fire overnight or perhaps owners who have lost their home during a fire or flood as emergency “housing” for a short period. The IgPod has all the essentials that is needed to sustain life for the duration.

Cutaway view number 1
Cutaway view number 2